How to navigate the new look on the Eric Church App

Welcome to the new and improved App and App Forum! You'll notice a couple new features and a few features that are no longer available.

Let's start with the new features!

  • The home page of the app looks just the same! We now have a place where you can access your meet and greet photos directly from the app and download the photo to your phone.

  • The forum is new and improved with an App only Forum and also access to the website forums categories, like Music, Tickets, and Concert Photos.

  • Even though it looks different, this App Forum will function just like the Fan Feed from the old version of the app. This is where we will post about pit ticket updates, Contests (like Church Choir giveaways), and other HQ announcements.

  • Each Wednesday we will still add information for the show coming up the coming weekend on the homepage. It may take a moment to learn the new navigation, but our goal is to make everything much more user friendly.

Now, what's gone?

  • Direct Messages. If you ever need HQ, always feel free to Tag us @EricChurchHQ, or if it is a private matter, email us at The DM system was included on the last app platform, so we have been discussing building one for this platform. More to come on this. 

  • Gifts and points - We no longer have points or gifts. That was a feature that was included in the other app platform, but we didn't really use it. So, out it went.

  • Since the App is now more directly connected with the website, our hope is that many of the odd quirks and membership tier recognition issues are gone. Of course, technology and people aren’t perfect, so there will be things that come up that are odd or inconvenient, but we sincerely believe those will be fewer and far between.

So, welcome to the new and improved Eric Church App! Take a moment to click through the different tabs, explore your profile and check out your digital ID. It may take some getting used to, but before long, it will feel like an old hat.


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