Eric's newest music features 3 albums, Heart & Soul. 

Church Choir pre-order begins Thursday January 28, 2021, 8am CST

Public pre-order begins Friday January 29, 2021, Midnight

Release Dates

Heart - April 16, 2021

& - April 20, 2021

Soul - April 23, 2021


- Heart and Soul are available to the public in black vinyl, CD, and Digital on Friday Jan 29th through Store.Ericchurch.com.

- Heart and Soul are also availalbe in white vinyl (with CD included) to the Church Choir (Premium members) while supplies last starting Thursday, Jan 28th.

- & album is only available in white vinyl (CD not included) to the Church Choir only starting Thursday, Jan 28th.

Heart & Soul white vinyl albums are available in a limited quantity and are not guaranteed with a premium membership. Once they are sold out, they're sold out. 

- Even if you order Heart and Soul, you will receive all products on April 16. Same if you order Heart & Soul. Meaning, you will receive 1 package even though they have 3 separate release dates. 

- Any merchandise you purchase (Shirts, koozie, etc) will begin shipping 2nd week of February.



Available in CD $10, Vinyl $20, and Digital $10

Church Choir only - Available in white vinyl (CD included) $20

1. Heart On Fire

2. Heart Of The Night

3. Russian Roulette

4. People Break

5. Stick That In Your Country Song

6. Never Break Heart

7. Crazyland

8. Bunch of Nothing

9. Love Shine Down


Church Choir only - Available in white vinyl (CD NOT included) $20

Exclusive Streaming option for Church Choir only at EricChurch.com HERE.

Any new songs released will be hosted on this site for the Church Choir to listen.  

Previously released songs are available for purchase

1. Through My Ray-Bans

2. Doing Life With Me

3. Do Side

4. Kiss Her Goodbye

5. Mad Man

6. Lone Wolf


Available in CD $10, Vinyl $20, and Digital $10

Church Choir only - Available in white vinyl (CD included) $20

1. Rock & Roll Found Me

2. Look Good And You Know It

3. Bright Side Girl

4. Break It Kind Of Guy

5. Hell Of A View

6. Where I Wanna Be

7. Jenny

8. Bad Mother Trucker

9. Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones 



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