In conjunction with Universal Music Group, we're excited to present Heart & Soul box sets. 

Orders for the box sets and shipping goes through Universal Music Group. 

For more information you may click HERE or email help@umgstores.com

Shop here: https://heartandsoul.ericchurch.com/


Deluxe Box Set

This is the ultimate Heart & Soul collector's package. 

Included in the special hand-crafted box: 

Heart & Soul Splattered Colored Vinyls

3 Numbered Limited-Edition Foil Posters

4 Exclusive Vinyl Record Coasters with Case

Limited Edition Vinyl Record Brush

Special Edition Vinyl Slipmat with Zoetrope Design

100% Hemp Tote Bag

Extended Liner Book with Lyrics and Unreleased Photos

A Note from Eric Church


Standard Box Set

Included in a unique, hand-crafted box:

Heart & Soul Splattered Colored Vinyls

1 of 3 Numbered Limited-Edition Foil Posters

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