Scammers and fake Eric Church accounts are everywhere across the internet. In order to try and combat these people, our team suggests that you follow these do’s & don’ts.


- Look for the official blue checkmark on all social media accounts. If there is no checkmark, it is an imposter and not an official Eric Church account. 

- Report online impersonators to the social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc all have systems in place to report scammers. 



- Do NOT under ANY circumstance give personal information or send money via wire transfer, gift cards or prepaid debit cards to anyone, no matter how much they claim to be Eric or Eric Church HQ.

- Do NOT engage with ANYONE claiming they are Eric or Eric Church HQ on an unverified social media account, even if they don’t initially ask for money.

- Do NOT believe any claims about why a fake account lacks a verification mark. 


Warning Signs:

-A social media post or direct message from a seemingly Eric-affiliated account that solicits money for a charitable donation or another purpose.

**Eric will NEVER direct message you from an unverified account**

- A social media message from Eric saying you’ve won a meet and greet prize but need to pay an entry or processing fee to secure it.

**Eric will NEVER direct message you from an unverified account**

-Social media accounts that don’t have a blue check mark. ALL of Eric's accounts have the official blue verification mark.

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